Monday, November 24, 2008

My Seventh Culture Crawl - Over!

Well it's all over now! We had over 800 people through our living room over the passed week end. I have to thank my children, Max and Sophie for help and tolerance for such a busy week end. Hugh, my husband, helped throughout the week end. I don't think that I could have come through unscathed with out his help. Thanks Hugh.

Friday was very rainy so only 100 brave souls weathered the storm to slog from studio to studio. I was surprised there were that many. It was a good wet coast down pour. I am glad that we decided to put up my summer market tent over the door way to give people an area to shake off before they came in. And as Hugh frequently says ( or quotes ? ) "nothing says event like a tent".

Saturday and Sunday were both very busy with 340 calling on Saturday and over 440 on Sunday. There goes my theory that Saturdays are always busier then Sundays. One of the visitors took pictures of our crowded living room and I will post one if she sends it to me.

Now I must go down stairs and start packing things away for the Women's Craft Faire next week end and recover my studio/living room in the process.

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