Friday, December 12, 2008

Making Faces in the Rain

I am putting off going to the locker to get my cart to roll my stuff into Heritage Hall of Main Street for this week end's Farmers' Holiday Fair. I will be there both Saturday and Sunday. It is a first for me to be there two days in a row and I am looking forward to not having to pack up my gear Saturday night. Good thing too, because I have an actual "office" party to go to. If a construction company party where most of the people don't work in an office can have an office party. I guess it is a company party. I go because Hugh works for the company. It is always good fun.

In the mean time I have taken a little while to make faces. Just little faces. I am not sure if they will ever become more but here they are posted especially for Deb who is very good at making faces.

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