Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trials Continue

I am approaching the main event of making the apron vase. Today I did trial on one of the images for the aprons. It is a little larger than it will be on the finished work.
( it is the picture below)

The other picture above is of Carmen's wonderful yarn and little polymer clay container that serves as a needle holder. Nice to make things that people find a use for.

Trials Continue

Well, one hurdle taken. I will be at the Farmers Markets in Vancouver this year. My joy at being accepted is always modified by my sorrow for those who are not. I can often see no reason for the jury's decision. This is a reminder to me - never voluteer to jury others. So only five juries or so to go but like pickles the first one is the hardest to get out of the jar.

Another trial is to find the right red for the vase I am working on. The egg in the picture is the colour I am trying to achieve. For the egg use some scrap clay that is a mixture of who knows what. Now I can not recreate that special red. The reds that looks perfect before they are cooked gets darker and sifts to the yellow. The vase in the picture is in the style that I plan to use Ferry Building vase. This little vase is about 32 cm tall or 5 1/2 inches.

The last trial is for the scanner that I use when I am to lazy to use a camera. Pretty good depth of field for an uncamera.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Time to do Something New

I am not finished with all this jury stuff but its time to do something new anyway. I have been nibble at the edges of a new style and I have always wanted to do something a little larger and the opportunity to participate in a show arose, so why not do all those things at once? Here are some preliminary sketches and a trial egg to test the technique. I have thrown in some of the pendants I have been working on using the same technique.

The plan is to show the progress of this project. It will be a little bit of a whip to keep me going. The carrot is the project itself.

The sketches show the three ages of women, maiden, mother, and crone, depicted on a vase inspired be red figure Greek pottery that shows the heroic epics of men and gods. The apron is featured within the pictures and as a frame for the pictures. Somehow this all means something to me but if I think about to much I begin to sound like I am writing and English lit paper. One think is that aprons are a tie into a show at the Ferry Gallery in West Vancouver at the end of February. More about that in a later post.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Here Comes the Judge!

It is the season to get into a lather about being juried for markets and shows. I don't think I would care if money wasn't at stake. But it's not all bad I am still finding things kind of interesting and it is good to be humbled into new kinds of creativity. I guess.

Today I taught a class with eight enthusiastic and creative women. Thanks Ellen, Eugenia, Elisabeth, Judy, Linda, Sharon and Shelley. You recharged my batteries and I and looking forward to finishing jury stuff tomorrow so I can do new stuff that I have been thinking about. It's all about making stuff, right?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sophie's Amazing Reversable Hat

Sophie found a cross stitch pattern of a unicorn and acorns that inspired her to create a pattern for a reversible hat. The hat has rain drops down the front, so in that way it is really a Vancouver hat. She wore it when we went shopping it Chinatown last week and really excited old lady who was selling crocheted hats. She waved her arms, smiled and yelled "Hat, hat, hat!!!." Sophie smiled too, it is nice to have recognition from a fellow traveller.

Sophie and I visited my friend Carmen of Melonhead Knitwear. Carmen showed Sophie and I all her wonderful knitting stuff and Sophie came home with a batt of many colours. Carmen's hats are truly word of art, many are like wearing a little poem on your head.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Where Do Ideas Come From?

If you are trying to avoid boredom ideas creep in and all you need t capture them, in my case, is a pencil and paper. I find that a pencil and paper is one of the greatest inventions. We had a rather slow Sunday at the Women's Faire Market on December the 21st (snow up the ying-yang) so there was time to doodle. This is always a little dangerous because the temptation is to follow up with a little clay work. If this is a failure than it could be seen by some as a waste of time. If it is a success it means that there is yet another avenue to explore which could be seen as another distraction. Luckily I live for distraction.

I thought that this went fairly well for a mark one. I am sure that there are lots of fun places that this cut away method can go, if I am not distracted.

Oh yes, and I just thought of great way to model and octapus......