Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Time to do Something New

I am not finished with all this jury stuff but its time to do something new anyway. I have been nibble at the edges of a new style and I have always wanted to do something a little larger and the opportunity to participate in a show arose, so why not do all those things at once? Here are some preliminary sketches and a trial egg to test the technique. I have thrown in some of the pendants I have been working on using the same technique.

The plan is to show the progress of this project. It will be a little bit of a whip to keep me going. The carrot is the project itself.

The sketches show the three ages of women, maiden, mother, and crone, depicted on a vase inspired be red figure Greek pottery that shows the heroic epics of men and gods. The apron is featured within the pictures and as a frame for the pictures. Somehow this all means something to me but if I think about to much I begin to sound like I am writing and English lit paper. One think is that aprons are a tie into a show at the Ferry Gallery in West Vancouver at the end of February. More about that in a later post.

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