Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trials Continue

Well, one hurdle taken. I will be at the Farmers Markets in Vancouver this year. My joy at being accepted is always modified by my sorrow for those who are not. I can often see no reason for the jury's decision. This is a reminder to me - never voluteer to jury others. So only five juries or so to go but like pickles the first one is the hardest to get out of the jar.

Another trial is to find the right red for the vase I am working on. The egg in the picture is the colour I am trying to achieve. For the egg use some scrap clay that is a mixture of who knows what. Now I can not recreate that special red. The reds that looks perfect before they are cooked gets darker and sifts to the yellow. The vase in the picture is in the style that I plan to use Ferry Building vase. This little vase is about 32 cm tall or 5 1/2 inches.

The last trial is for the scanner that I use when I am to lazy to use a camera. Pretty good depth of field for an uncamera.

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Carmen said...

Here's wishing you 5 more easy pickles!