Thursday, January 8, 2009

Where Do Ideas Come From?

If you are trying to avoid boredom ideas creep in and all you need t capture them, in my case, is a pencil and paper. I find that a pencil and paper is one of the greatest inventions. We had a rather slow Sunday at the Women's Faire Market on December the 21st (snow up the ying-yang) so there was time to doodle. This is always a little dangerous because the temptation is to follow up with a little clay work. If this is a failure than it could be seen by some as a waste of time. If it is a success it means that there is yet another avenue to explore which could be seen as another distraction. Luckily I live for distraction.

I thought that this went fairly well for a mark one. I am sure that there are lots of fun places that this cut away method can go, if I am not distracted.

Oh yes, and I just thought of great way to model and octapus......

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