Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award - thanks - I think

I am not really sure what the "kreative blogger award" is but I want to thank Tina and Carolyn for giving it to me. After a short search on the net I have decided to follow Gera lead and list seven sources on inspiration.

Seven Inspirations
1. Light - the way light paints the world. Opacity, shadows, and translucence
2. Plants - their form and grace
3. Animals - their vitality and fun
4. Patterns - the way they enhance and toy with form
5. The flick of a wrist - the skill of craft people and how they manipulate materials.
6. The ingenuity of others - How people use materials to illustrate their ideas.
7. Colour - Which brings us full circle to light. Without light their is not colour.

An in closing I would like to pass the award on to Carmen for her totally neat fiber blog. Take that Carmen.

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Anonymous said...

Damn you Joan Tayler.