Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spindles Mark Two – Shawl Pins Mark One

Wensleydale Sheep

More integration of polymer clay and fibre. I have make more drop spindles but I must stop here until I get user feed back. That should with taking the drop spindle class. I have tries these spindles out and they do work – but how well is the question. Thank you Carmen for the Wensleydale Wool that I have been using to trial the spindles.

Another thing that I am trying out is shawl pins. This is my first run at them and they should probably be longer. They are shown here stuck into the knitting that resulted from the spinning that I did back on March 24. I like making these. I hope they will work for shawl wearers.

All this productivity come to you at the expense of the book work that I should be doing before filing my taxes. Oh for the power of distraction.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Filberg Again

This afternoon I got notice that I will be participating in Filberg Festival of the Arts in Comox again this year. And that is not all, Carmen and her friend Claire are in too. This year I my neighbour will be Lynn Hudsom maker of hats for rain and shine. Now hope for a good weather for the first week end in August.

Last year at Filberg.

Nothing but a Flirt

I have finish spinning my fibre with a drop spindle. Finished ages ago as a matter of fact. Now I have almost finished knitting the result into a scarf, but once again there are ulterior motives. I wanted to try out the new needles - ends decorated with polymer clay of course. I am still working on drop spindles. I have signed up for a class at Three Bags Full to see if I can get more insight into what makes the wool turn. Nice to have something to flirt with – not to have to make a commitment past the next knit or pearl.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Watercolous Last Stand

This is it. My last water colour “show”. No polymer clay here. This is my watercolour last hurray. Well I might do more but nothing that isn’t commercial.

Now I want to adapt the idea of botanical pictures to polymer clay. We will see how that goes. These pictures have been up at Arts Off Main for the last month, soon they will be coming down. I know that the idea is to post information before the show but that is not how I do things.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flirting with Fibre

I am back. My blog was hacked but now I am back. And what is this? Yes, there is polymer clay in this picture. The spindle whorl is made of polymer clay. This is just the prototype but I had to try it out. I was out of town I didn’t have Carmen’s guidance so thank goodness for the internet ( even if evil twerps out there sometime mess up one’s blog ). If you are interested there are lots of videos on the net on how to use a drop spindle. The one that I referred was Megan’s.

Now to make pretty spindle whorls. Oh yes, I needed another distractions. I guess if you have enough distractions you can call it a career strategy.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Penticton is for the Birds

Not inclined to know which way is up.
Skaha Lake from the highway approaching Penticton.

I have been in Penticton for over a week, hanging out at my father-in-laws making birds. I have a small studio area that I set up in a corner of the kitchen and I work away listening to talking books. So it is almost like home.

Quail are a big deal here so I have made a lot of them also loons, redwing black birds,eagles and chickadees. Today I am feeling a little done with birds. I think I will do some think else tomorrow.

I will post if the gods of the internet allow.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Week End in February

Anne great preserves

Our great new booth

SATURDAY - Of those who came to the Wise Hall on LSaturday, many were decked in red, white and black. Lots of smiles and great smells filled the hall as customers stocked up before returning to the Olympics, the main event. Watching Canada win gold - or watching people watch athletes try their best to win gold.

SUNDAY - Union Street Regulars watches Canada reach for the gold. Got it too! Best Spring Olympics ever.