Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flirting with Fibre

I am back. My blog was hacked but now I am back. And what is this? Yes, there is polymer clay in this picture. The spindle whorl is made of polymer clay. This is just the prototype but I had to try it out. I was out of town I didn’t have Carmen’s guidance so thank goodness for the internet ( even if evil twerps out there sometime mess up one’s blog ). If you are interested there are lots of videos on the net on how to use a drop spindle. The one that I referred was Megan’s.

Now to make pretty spindle whorls. Oh yes, I needed another distractions. I guess if you have enough distractions you can call it a career strategy.

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2 Good Claymates said...

Cool! I was wondering what a spindle was or what it looked like! Another neat way to use polymer clay of course!