Sunday, March 14, 2010

Penticton is for the Birds

Not inclined to know which way is up.
Skaha Lake from the highway approaching Penticton.

I have been in Penticton for over a week, hanging out at my father-in-laws making birds. I have a small studio area that I set up in a corner of the kitchen and I work away listening to talking books. So it is almost like home.

Quail are a big deal here so I have made a lot of them also loons, redwing black birds,eagles and chickadees. Today I am feeling a little done with birds. I think I will do some think else tomorrow.

I will post if the gods of the internet allow.


2 Good Claymates said...

I love your birds! I thought that was where your blog went as well for awhile! lol Glad you got it fixed!

DivaDea said...


drusilla cole said...

Fantastic - I love all your work - but especially the birds!

Dru in the UK