Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spindles Mark Two – Shawl Pins Mark One

Wensleydale Sheep

More integration of polymer clay and fibre. I have make more drop spindles but I must stop here until I get user feed back. That should with taking the drop spindle class. I have tries these spindles out and they do work – but how well is the question. Thank you Carmen for the Wensleydale Wool that I have been using to trial the spindles.

Another thing that I am trying out is shawl pins. This is my first run at them and they should probably be longer. They are shown here stuck into the knitting that resulted from the spinning that I did back on March 24. I like making these. I hope they will work for shawl wearers.

All this productivity come to you at the expense of the book work that I should be doing before filing my taxes. Oh for the power of distraction.

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