Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Blast from the Past

I have been trying to concentrate on birds lately, with short trips into fibre related items.

Focus! focus. I will be bird centric.

Ravensdale in 2006 spurred me on to making more and more birds. Ravendale was great fun – sigh. Here are some on my necklaces from back then. I still sell the Raven necklace at Craft House on Granville Island but the other was made up to replicate the one I sold at Ravensdale. I was so excited to have Cynthia Tinapple write about my necklace in her blog – but that was in the days before “blogspot” and due a persistent inability to write code I was not able to blab about it on the internet. But not we have blogs that are easy to use – will there be no stopping me?

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Beadwright said...

These are wonderful bird necklaces. Very spiritual.