Monday, September 27, 2010

Sort of Like Cookie Dough, Sort of Like Glass

Cookies and candies - their's

Sort of like cookie dough, sort of like glass, polymer clay borrows properties from many mediums. Glass for example can be used to make millifiori patterns that are not unlike the patterns formed in sugar for Christmas candies or a cookie dough log from which you can cut a series of spirals or pumpkin faces cookies.

Millifiori glass beads - their's

I became interested in this medium when I bought some to entertain children. I soon realized its enormous potential. It can be mixed like paint and formed like clay. Once it is cooked it is resilient enough to make practical things like buttons and whistles, yet versatile enough to make paintings and jewelry.

Buttons and whistles - mine

I love this medium. It has seduced me away from other mediums – Sure I still love to draw but the drawings are most likely plans for what I will make next from polymer clay.

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