Saturday, February 26, 2011

Atlas has gone to the Spa

On Vacation for Upgrade
My Atlas pasta machine left for West Virginia yesterday. West Virginia is advertised and being frost free and full of history but that means nothing to Atlas. He is visiting Mona Kissel who is going to modify him so he will be leaner, cleaner and not longer retain clay.

I didn’t think that I was especially hard on pasta machines but I know have two that are beyond Mona’s  healing touch. My 7” wide Makin has lost it’s ability to work on the three thickest settings. I have been told that this is because I conditioned clay on these settings and wore out the gears. Seems that you should not condition clay on wider settings. The other machine that I destroyed when I was cleaning it and removing the fenders. Seems that not all Atlas machined are put together with springs, nuts and bolts. Some are held together with a little plastic think a ma bob that breaks before allowing disassembly of the machine for cleaning. If you have such a machine and have solved that problem of cleaning and defendering please share. I am sure there are others that will befit.

So now I wait for my Atlas to come home. I will report on how he is after the operation. I think that perhaps it would have been better just to have better to have just bought a modified machine from Mona K. With out the cost of the machine it cost me $97.50 with the postage to send my machine to be modifies. A new modified machine from Mona K. would have been $106 for an Atlas 150 (5 3/4”) or $110 for an Atlas 180 (6 7/8”). Makes me feel pretty dumb. I how my machine appreciate my loyalty – well in truth the expenses just snuck-up on me.

I will report on Atlas when he gets hope. I was so impressed with Barb’s modified machine at Horizons last weekend I can only hope that my machine is as well behaved.


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