Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Buttons 7/52

My friend Carmen is making one skein of beautiful hand spun yarn for every day this year, the 355 project. This has inspired me to try for the same number of buttons. I am not the competitive type so if Carmen had challenged me I would have gone the other way entirely – No buttons in 2011!  But she has not. A project like this lends a little discipline to my chaotic, though not particularly interesting, life.

I will official start today – February the 1st the 6th week of 2011. Posting one button a day is beyond my organizational abilities so I will post 7 buttons a week and if I am feeling particularly buttonacious   I will make up for as yet button free January.

All the buttons I make will be polymer clay, functional and about 1 inch across. Being a Virgo I must plan a little tedium into my life to make me comfortable. Also I am a function junky, I want everything to work. There will be not buttons fashioned out of tin foil and cat hair.

Let the buttons begin.


Carmen said...

Looking forward to your good works.

Verosimile said...

Buttonacious! go Joan! what a goal ... can't wait to see them all.

Barb A. in Victoria said...

Joan, your buttons are GORGEOUS! And having 7 (or even 5) buttons from the same came but all slightly different is brilliant. People will love that!! Not too "matchy-poo" and oh so interesting.