Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Filling in for January

Week 5
Harlequin Romance

This is a buttonacious week so as I have promised myself I am posting a new set if buttons to make up for my slow start in January. Last week I spent some time making translucent canes. As I played around with them this buttons immerged. For once I didn’t have to search for a name. They are Harlequin Romance. Even before they were baked their character was clear. They are not styled for bodice ripping but the name seems just right.


Fiona said...

What interesting buttons. Very unusual. They work really well.

Marian Hertzog said...

Oh I like these! Harlequin Romance is a good name! I want to touch them! LOL

Melobeau said...

Luminous, Mysterious to the "core", and utterly "Harlequin". What a lovely bead!

Rosana said...

beautiful!!!! love the luminescence they just glow as if from within.