Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 9 - Harlequin Gold & Evidence of Fingerprints

There are always things to learn. I discovered that having your clay to firm can lead to finger prints. Unusually I don’t have much trouble with finger prints, generally my finger prints are sanded and polished off and by using the sided of my fingers as much as possible I have dodged the finger print bullet. When I made the last batch the clay was a little to stiff so I found that I was poking at it more that usually when I placed in on the curved surface to cook. The results  are more finger prints than I would like to admit to. Trust me they are there – a dirty little secret.

I still like these buttons a lot. The are first cousins of Harlequin Romance ( see week 5). I think that I will be doing a lot with layered translucent canes this year. It will be interesting to try them out in a combination with mokumegane – but maybe that will be too much.


surfingcat said...

They are so elegant!

Amy Bee said...

I am loving your button posts, I'm just getting into making buttons and your work is so inspiring. They are so beautiful!

Kristina said...

Your buttons are gorgeous. I love the gold - translucent combination.