Saturday, February 5, 2011

What’s this – A New Brand of Clay

Alas not a contender
Michaels had a new brand of clay on sale. I couldn’t resist trying it out. Anyone out there give in to the same temptation? I wonder it if you had the same results I did. I really wanted to give it the benefit to the doubt, but here are my sad results. Brittle, really brittle – good for maybe the cores of beads where strength is not required. I could break it into tiny bits with my fingers. The Fimo Soft that I baked with it was a as tough as usual. I won’t buy this not particularly clever "Smart Clay" again.

The red clay in the bottom picture is the Michaels "Smart Clay" which I have broken to bits with my fingers the piece in my fingers is the Fimo Soft that I used as a control.

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Trina Williams said...

Methinks it is
Sculpey III in a different package. There are only a few manufacturers of clay out there and I know Kato and Viva didn't do it. Don't think Staedler did either. Sounds like a Polyform project.