Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week 11 – Gingko Bug

I have made these buttons in the past and since they are a favourite I find myself making more every once in a while. I have included them in my year of buttons not because they are new but because any record of my button making activity would be incomplete without them.

When I sit at the kitchen table in October I look out and see our Gingko about to drop yellow leaves any minute and I can’t help but think of how Gingko trees were around with the dinosaurs and we humans are just the new kids on the block. Sort of makes me feel like the tiniest speck in time – to small for a speck actually.


slkunze said...

Oh, definitely my favorites. The yellow-green, the red accent, the shapes - great design!

surfingcat said...

beautiful! So cute with the little ladybirds