Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 13 – Resurrection

A couple of weeks ago I made some buttons that I was not happy with. I didn’t even take pictures of them. I held on to them because I hate admitting defeat. Since I have been making veneers and generally playing around I decided to cover the buttons with a thin veers and here they are with the added advantage of the edges covers in rather a neat way. Now I am thinking of making buttons to cover with veneers. That might allow me to do something that I hadn’t thought of before.

Embrace your mistakes. It’s your mistakes that teach you. I have a lot of learning opportunities. Lucky me.

The studio is cooking these days. Beautiful fibre every where. Well almost every where. Carmen’s 355 project is going beautifully and I am dazzled by her productivity. Kristin is spinning and knitting up a storm. It is great to be surrounded by such positive energy.

Skinner blend and beautiful wool

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Carmen said...

They look good together.