Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week 17 – April Showers

It is beautiful out and the sun in shining, but it’s Vancouver so this will not last. Love that rain though, fingers webbed and boots on out I go. Well I love it now when I don’t have a soaking wet market tent to load into the station wagon. Rain on please now, not on August weekends and such.

This buttons come from a texture sheet I made using different sizes of tubes. Some times simple is better. A home made texture sheet and gold, blue and white sheet for mokumegane and Bob’s your uncle. Is there anyone out there that doesn’t have an uncle Bob? or Rob? or you know.

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Liz said...

All your buttons from start to now are amazing. I can tell you're having a lot of fun doing your series and I've had a lot of fun looking back over all your variations.

Liz in Victoria