Saturday, April 23, 2011

Week 18 – Nest Egg

Happy Easter.

These eggs are nestled in a batt of wool, silk and perhaps angel dust (or some thing like that). The eggs have to have to move quickly before there nest is spun into another marvelous skein of yarn.

The design for the eggs comes from a texture sheet “Sun Balloon” that I designed. I have just begun playing with it and mokumegane eggs seemed like a good start. I hope to have the texture sheet available for others to play with soon.

In the yard the fibre is in full bloom. Soon it will be spun into yarn and be knit hat and such then it will be time for buttons. All in good time.

Egg buttons in a bat

Fibre in bloom


Carmen said...

Once again, my humble apologies for the button disarray.

Joan Tayler said...

Apology accepted. The fibre must be spun.

Carmen said...

Thanks Joan...You're awesome.