Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting Ready to Take Off

Birds for Seymour Art Festival Show
It has been a really busy week though I am hard pressed to say where the time all went. I get in a bit of a flap when I am getting ready for an out of town show. Just the thought that if I don't pack it, it is not going to be there. Well it is not there, I won't sell it, so that's easy.

The show, Creative Chaos will not be until next Friday but my daughter and I will be leaving Monday or Tuesday to have a little family visit in Penticton on our way to Vernon. so it is a road trip. A run for the sun, away from the wet coast.

When I am back I will be to put the finishing touches on my work for the Seymour Art Festival. The birds pictured here are a sneak preview of a acrylic and polymer clay painting that I will be showing at the Seymour Gallery.

I made stamps out of flexible polymer clay which baked and then used to make black polymer clay birds.  I painted with iridescent metallic acrylic paint. Simple but close to the look I wanted.

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