Friday, June 17, 2011

Week 24 - Dragon Impressions

The more that is happening the less I write. Even the buttons have suffered, so it is time to catch up.

These buttons are made from a texture sheet that I am developing called dragon parts. The oval buttons are impressions of that sheet antiqued in gold and copper.

The First Ladner Village Market

The first Market at Ladner was great. The pavement looks wet in the picture but it was only a little sissy rain. The kind of rain that were you can tell the non natives as the only ones with umbrellas. I didn't even remember the rain that day. Green and busy and full of fun. The next Ladner Village Market is June 26th. Come on down!!!

Seymour Art Festival
We are in the gallery, and lest our art is, until this Sunday when we will have a great windup. There will be demos by some of the artist and a great jazz band. Company B Jazz Band is not to be missed. They will be preforming between 1:00 and 4:00 PM this Sunday, the 19th.

Tomorrow I will be at Trout Lake Farmer's Market. Might see you there too. 

Ladner in the almost sunshine

Matthew Freed's pottery in the foreground Nicola Morgan's and Ellen Scobie's paintings in the background
My little bit of wall captured on my cell phone. Polymer Clay takes flight.


Carmen said...

Glad to have your updates. SAG looks good.

pat said...

Love the birds taking flight!