Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One Little Adventure in Few Words

I take some work where ever I go. When Sophie and I went to the UBC Dairy Centre in Agassiz . I sent up a little studio space at a shady picnic table.

It is hard to imagine that many mosquitoes at mid day but there they were ready for lunch. I was lunch. Nothing can stop me.  I worked on while Sophie toured the farm and sat in on a lecture.

It is a beautiful setting and I collected many tree photos that I will use as inspiration. I also collected mosquito bites.

We stopped at Farm House Cheeses on the way home. Farm House Cheese is my neighhbour at Ladner Village Market this year. That it where the car started to act "funny".

I had never ridden one of those big flat bed trucks that are used to haul cars when the distance is too far for a regular tow truck. It was kind of neat but not the kind of adventure that I need to repeat.

My out door studio spaces at high noon.

Tools at the ready.

The beauty before the break down.
Our car taking a ride.


D. McLelland said...

Joan, I am a big admirer of your work, just stunning. Often you share with us how or what clay you used for a certain piece of work. Would it be possible for you (if you don't mind) to tell me the clays you used to create those lovely Leaf earrings you made while the mosquitoes ate you up? You poor thing, I hate mosquitoes, they are tough here in Texas.

Thanks so much, DMc

Joe sustaiti said...

hi ur work is awesome but i wood like to know how/where i can buy ur items