Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Week 28 - Harlequin Star Revisited

I was playing around with scraps left from the Harlequin Star buttons and I came up with some thing that I like better. By expanding the original veneer by adding sheets of clay on the back and running them through the pasta machine, I made the slices of the veneer thinner. The thinner veneer of tinted translucent shows the colours much better. Might be and idea to try this with brighter colours – so many ideas, so little time.

Week 28 - Harlequin Star - Mark 2 

I admire the loyalty of shoppers that come out in the rain to farmers market. Last week end it poured all day the Westend Farmers Market in Vancouver but still they came. Some of the produce venders sold out. Wonder of wonder, I did okay too.

Westend Farmers Market at Mole Hill Community Vancouver

A quieter moment between rain drops

My neighbours for this market was Celyddon Farms. Nice people who had me paint a cotton banner for them a few years ago. Still looks okay. I may be doing something new for them in the spring.

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