Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week 30 – Moku Leaves

Week 30 – Moku Leaves
This Weekend is the Filberg Festival, my biggest market of the summer. There is a certain air of agitation that takes over, and broken glasses or “necessities” being out of stock that would tip me over the edge until I think of how soft we have it in Canada. That doesn’t mean that I am not going to scream and run around like a squirrel.

Strictly speaking these buttons were made last year, but what would life be if we can’t put a few nuts away for the days when we really need them.

For these buttons I have cut out a leaf in a sheet of thin clay. Once it was cooked I used it to make impressions into a mokumegane layer. When I cut back the surface the leaves took on new character.

If you are on Vancouver Island drop by Comox and see me a the Filberg Festival, space #16. I will be sharing with painter, Jennifer Harwood.

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Jane Perala said...

Beautiful buttons Joan - I am looking forward to coming up to the show - probably on the Sunday. Hope the show is a good one for you!