Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Week 35 – Sand Dollar

These buttons are made from a cane that I really enjoy. It is about time that I make it again with some improvements. This is the first time I have used it to make buttons before it’s use has been limited to earrings, pendants and boxed – I think that it is about time that I try other applications. If anyone has been following my blog for a long time they may remember seeing and earlier version of this cane in High and Dry in Penticton back in 2009.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No More Fear of Frying!

I haven’t got buttons done on time but there is other news that I must convey.

I am in love with my new oven. He is expensive and sport but he is really dependable. I may have burned my last bit of polymer clay.  In the past there have always been accidents. Things will be going along beautifully then a temperature spike and I am left crying and cursing over hours of work. I always want the oven as hot as possible to get the maximum strength but have always had the problem of possible destroyed items, usually on the third or fourth cooking. But enough! Let me introduce you to Breville.

My Breville loaded with the second baking for some enros.

This is simply the best toaster oven in the world. Before I could dedicate it to my art my husband and son had to make perfect toast and bagels. Now it is mine, all mine and it will not see another slice of bread in its life! I can’t wait to make some more buttons.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 34 – Bug-Eyed

33 Week - Bug-eyed
 Yesterday was sunny, hot and a little windy at Kitsilano Farmers Market. Good thing the market was not today. It is raining big time. This year we have seen a lot of rain here on the Wet Coast. Usually the summer is the dry season but this year summer didn’t really arrive until the beginning of August and now it is pouring again. Yesterday was a blessing. Canadians talk about the weather too much.
New Bug-Eyed Dragonfly Whistle

Bug Eyes come from on of the canes that I use to make my dragon fly whistles. I usually have some of the cane that I make for the dragon fly’s compound eye left when I finish making some whistle. I have been using them to cover various things so why not buttons. Some of these buttons owe some of there character to the fact that they got a little to hot. Every once in a while my oven will cycle over 300 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a nasty sense of humour.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to the Coast Tomorrow

The Okanagan Valley from The Giant's Head in Summerland.
Tomorrow we are heading back to the coast full of energy and new ideas. British Columbia is really a great place to be.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

33 Week - Golden Bamboo

33 Week - Golden Bamboo
Our coop is full of bamboo. Not just nice polite bamboo but bamboo that come up through that asphalt and pushes the concrete aside and popping up between the walkway and the houses. In spite of this I do like bamboo. I would show pictures of its persistence but I am away from home at the moment but I will still post more buttons.

The design on these buttons is from five little tools that I made from polymer clay. Using these I can make each button a little different.

Tuesday my daughter and I will be travelling bback to Vancouver. I am actually looking forward to getting back to my studio. I am not great at this relaxing thing. I have brought jewelry to assemble while I am here but I am also enjoying visiting family and the occational visit to the bench.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Week 32 – Quail Feathers

We were back from Sechelt Sunday evening. Tired but happy to be home. Any night without motor cycles outside your window is a good night. In spite the lack of sleep we had a good time and another new venue under ourbelt.

Among my projects yesterday was to keep up with my button project. I looked at my canes for inspiration an found one that I had been thinking of recycling. It was a detailed cane of a quail. I was not crazy about it when I make it and storage had not improved it. It might be a little of a cop-out but I decides that it this could be and opportunity to kill two birds (quail in this case) with one stone.  A little cut and reassemble and voila! Look at your scrap boxes and those less that satisfactory canes. There is probably a little magic there. I would never have thought to make these buttons if it were not for that old cane.

I love spectral colours!
Sophie on the ferry back

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Market – New Product

Just before I left for Vancouver Island and the Filberg Festival last week I received and order of ring blanks. Some customers asking me why I didn’t make rings so I thought that I should give a try. Soon as I arrived home on Tuesday I got busy making rings. Since I have a lot of canes and molds I was off to a running start.

This week end I will be at the Annual Hackett Park Juried Craft Fair. New and exciting but I  real am looking forward to getting back to the studio and working out a few new ideas.

A change of topic and icing on the cake - my Ladybug Garden buttons were chosen to by Polymer Clay Daily It is always a treat to have my work features there.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Week 31 – Ladybug Garden

We are back in Vancouver as of an hour ago. The Filberg Festival in Comox  was the best ever. No rain, happy people, good food and terrific music. My daughter Sophie and I are exhausted. Friday we are off to Sechelt for the Hackett Park Market. This is a market that I have never been to but when I talked to other crafters I found out that there will be lots of people that I know selling there. We’ll see soon how that goes. I am going to be super busy for the next two days making more stock.

Before I left Vancouver last week I finished up some new buttons. I have done this kind of thing before in whistle, boxes and pendants, but this is the first time for buttons. They are faux stone with milliefori slices, flowers, leaves and shaped ladybugs. A brand new old favorite.

Now off the pasta machine.