Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 34 – Bug-Eyed

33 Week - Bug-eyed
 Yesterday was sunny, hot and a little windy at Kitsilano Farmers Market. Good thing the market was not today. It is raining big time. This year we have seen a lot of rain here on the Wet Coast. Usually the summer is the dry season but this year summer didn’t really arrive until the beginning of August and now it is pouring again. Yesterday was a blessing. Canadians talk about the weather too much.
New Bug-Eyed Dragonfly Whistle

Bug Eyes come from on of the canes that I use to make my dragon fly whistles. I usually have some of the cane that I make for the dragon fly’s compound eye left when I finish making some whistle. I have been using them to cover various things so why not buttons. Some of these buttons owe some of there character to the fact that they got a little to hot. Every once in a while my oven will cycle over 300 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a nasty sense of humour.

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ChasinRainbows2 said...

I am fascinated by the idea of polymer clay whistles. Do these actually make noise and are they one tone whistles? Thanks for satisfying my curiosity. Smiles, Sue C