Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Market – New Product

Just before I left for Vancouver Island and the Filberg Festival last week I received and order of ring blanks. Some customers asking me why I didn’t make rings so I thought that I should give a try. Soon as I arrived home on Tuesday I got busy making rings. Since I have a lot of canes and molds I was off to a running start.

This week end I will be at the Annual Hackett Park Juried Craft Fair. New and exciting but I  real am looking forward to getting back to the studio and working out a few new ideas.

A change of topic and icing on the cake - my Ladybug Garden buttons were chosen to by Polymer Clay Daily It is always a treat to have my work features there.


Norma's Clay said...

Hi from Puerto Rico. You make beautiful things! Just started following your blog.

Polyanya said...

Well done for making it into PCD again! You really are amazing Joan and a true inspiration, I don't know where you get the energy!