Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No More Fear of Frying!

I haven’t got buttons done on time but there is other news that I must convey.

I am in love with my new oven. He is expensive and sport but he is really dependable. I may have burned my last bit of polymer clay.  In the past there have always been accidents. Things will be going along beautifully then a temperature spike and I am left crying and cursing over hours of work. I always want the oven as hot as possible to get the maximum strength but have always had the problem of possible destroyed items, usually on the third or fourth cooking. But enough! Let me introduce you to Breville.

My Breville loaded with the second baking for some enros.

This is simply the best toaster oven in the world. Before I could dedicate it to my art my husband and son had to make perfect toast and bagels. Now it is mine, all mine and it will not see another slice of bread in its life! I can’t wait to make some more buttons.

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