Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Week 32 – Quail Feathers

We were back from Sechelt Sunday evening. Tired but happy to be home. Any night without motor cycles outside your window is a good night. In spite the lack of sleep we had a good time and another new venue under ourbelt.

Among my projects yesterday was to keep up with my button project. I looked at my canes for inspiration an found one that I had been thinking of recycling. It was a detailed cane of a quail. I was not crazy about it when I make it and storage had not improved it. It might be a little of a cop-out but I decides that it this could be and opportunity to kill two birds (quail in this case) with one stone.  A little cut and reassemble and voila! Look at your scrap boxes and those less that satisfactory canes. There is probably a little magic there. I would never have thought to make these buttons if it were not for that old cane.

I love spectral colours!
Sophie on the ferry back


Roberta said...

That is a really interesting cane design. I haven't tried canes yet. But I will have to soon since those really caught my attention. They are very different. Not flowery like most.

Jane Perala said...

Love those buttons!