Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week 37 – 1950’s Modern

Week 37 – 1950’s Modern
These  are a variation and the extruded cane technique that I used for the Pipeline back in week 16 my button project. This time I used translucent clay with thin levers of opaque white. I use a lot of translucent to dilute that translucent colours which I find too intense it the are used by themselves. The variation in colours in achieved by make a rainbow skinner blend and using it as a base for the layers that I feed into the extruder. The extruder has a lot of potential for making canes. Perhaps I can work into my production schedule. Now back to work – little time to blog until Christmas shows are over.


Jane Perala said...

Oh, WOW, Joan - those are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Love these!!

Roberta said...

I agree. I just made my first extruder canes and I am hooked. I like the way every slice is different. Imagine how many canes you would have to make to get all those variations that you get in one single extruder cane! It boggles the mind!