Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 38 – Duplex

Duplex buttons are double sided buttons. When I started making buttons, all of them were like this. I like the idea that the back or lining of items being just as interesting as the front. (Most of my earrings have a different design on the back for just this reason.)

These buttons give the knitter a chose of which side to use. They are lightly curved – I bake then on a curved surface but I don’t push down the corners. I have used my Dragon Parts texture sheet on one side and my Japanese wave patter on the other.

A would really like to offer some of my stamps for sale but I have not found company that will do it ata reasonable price. Anyone out there who can make a suggestion of give me a link will earn my gratitude and a texture sheet if the lead works out.

Now back to production. The more I work the less I blog. I will try for a big reveal at the end of October.

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Roberta said...

I love these. Simple yet elegant!