Friday, November 25, 2011

Pica Pica the Polishing Elf

Polished, Mounted and ready to go.
Here are yesterday’s squares and circles mounted and polished. I am sure that I am disappointing some that this isn’t a larger piece like a little quilt but there it is, rings. Great how a little polish brightens things up
Pika pika is Japanese for sparkly shiny, a good name for and elf I think.

Enough fun, now to pack for tomorrow and such.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Joys of Staying on Task

I have been wanting to do something new. Not finish up earrings, not card pendants, not improve my signage, not organize for the next show. So I decided that a reward for doing these things.

I found some ring blanks that didn’t arrived in time for summer markets. Big chunky rings that might go over well at the Porto Bello West Market this weekend. So my reward was making new rings. I hope to sell them so I can make some more. I am a simple soul.

It’s good getting the less inspiring tasks done and by tomorrow I will have glued and polished some new rings for Saturday’s market. There is a little more drudgery butI will think of a small reward to keep me going. I am excited about doing this market for the first time, and as always a little apprehensive.

Squares waiting to be mounted as rings and polished

Monday, November 21, 2011

Now That was Fun

Button 52/7 almost done
I was ready to the Eastside Culture Crawl on Friday at 5:00 PM. As usual, I just made it under the wire. My husband, Hugh, stood by in case it got busy but it never really did. We had a 140 visitors in and out during the evening but that is far below what we usually have the first day to the Crawl. We were thinking that this year might be a really quiet. Then Saturday morning it started, a constant flow of people to our tiny living room/studio. It one point there was a tour bus and I had to stand at the door and stop people from coming in till some others left. Too many people!!! Good thing that they were all nice and polite.

By the time we closed up at 6:00 PM last evening, a little over 1,800 had visited. Some for only a few minutes, some choose things to buy, some chatted with us for a while and other opened the door and decided that it was just too crowded for them. There were surprisingly  few people who simply looked at the crowd and ran, I confess that I might have run too if I had not been the host.

Thanks especially to Hugh, we survived the busiest Culture Crawl ever. Now to recover and get ready for Porto Bello West Market this coming week-end. That will be the last market for November and then I have some time until the Farmers Holiday Market on December the 17th. Well, as usual, back to work. If I get enough done I will reward myself by making some more buttons.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Walk Before You Can Crawl

White leaf red wool
Tomorrow is show time. It is snowing now but the forecast is for fair weather tomorrow. Rain of shine, it is fun look at what I have done over the past year. Makes me feel like I have accomplished something. ( Well - I guess it could mean that I haven’t sold a lot but the would be negative thinking – bad joan!)

This is the first time I have had all the buttons from project 52/7 out at the same time. Kind of neat. My neighbour Mayu knit to cowls and and a hat to show of my button. Lovely to have the help of friends and neighbours.

Lots to do tonight and tomorrow before opening at 5:00 PM. I better get a move on.
One side to the room almost done

Neighbou Mayu's Knitting shows off my buttons.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 44 – White Leaves

There is no law against simplicity. I hesitate to make buttons this simple, but why not? Sometimes the simplest answer is the best. These buttons are simply cut out of white clay free hand and the veins incised  with a pointed piece of metal.

Simple in also what I need to relax a little while I get the house ready for the Eastside Culture Crawl. This year snow is predicted so it may be a quite weekend with most people sticking to the big buildings with multiple studios. We will see. It is always fun. Two more sleeps until show time.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Full Circle

Down the escalator at the new convention centre.
 Well that's it. They came. They went. We packed up. We went home. I will probably repeat next year. But I am so glad to be living here - even thought it rains A LOT, it is a great place.
Vancouver Harbor - Old convention centre on the right the new on the left.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Almost Ready for Tomorrow

Adrianna helps put to stock up for tomorrow
Almost there with a little help from my friends. This time before a show is so exciting, so full of potential. One more sleep!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

What Me Worry?

Three more sleeps to Circle Craft Christmas Market. I hope I can sleep. I will have to take a button vacation for a few days. It is the silly season once again. If you are in Vancouver drop by and see me at booth #550.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week 43 – Pillow Fight

Week 43 – Pillow Fight
I took me a little thought to think of a name for these button, then I had a BWF (blinding white flash) – well not exactly blinding.

I made this cane from two feather canes using the same Skinner.  - There a lots of ways to use a Skinner blend in a feather cane. - The two feathers were fitted together like yin and yang to make a round cane. I can’t wait to try this cane with other colour combinations. Sadly I will have to wait until the winter sales are over. Then again a girl has to play a little, so who knows.

November 02 - Day of the Dead zipper pulls