Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Joys of Staying on Task

I have been wanting to do something new. Not finish up earrings, not card pendants, not improve my signage, not organize for the next show. So I decided that a reward for doing these things.

I found some ring blanks that didn’t arrived in time for summer markets. Big chunky rings that might go over well at the Porto Bello West Market this weekend. So my reward was making new rings. I hope to sell them so I can make some more. I am a simple soul.

It’s good getting the less inspiring tasks done and by tomorrow I will have glued and polished some new rings for Saturday’s market. There is a little more drudgery butI will think of a small reward to keep me going. I am excited about doing this market for the first time, and as always a little apprehensive.

Squares waiting to be mounted as rings and polished

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Carmen said...

You'll have an amazing show!