Monday, November 21, 2011

Now That was Fun

Button 52/7 almost done
I was ready to the Eastside Culture Crawl on Friday at 5:00 PM. As usual, I just made it under the wire. My husband, Hugh, stood by in case it got busy but it never really did. We had a 140 visitors in and out during the evening but that is far below what we usually have the first day to the Crawl. We were thinking that this year might be a really quiet. Then Saturday morning it started, a constant flow of people to our tiny living room/studio. It one point there was a tour bus and I had to stand at the door and stop people from coming in till some others left. Too many people!!! Good thing that they were all nice and polite.

By the time we closed up at 6:00 PM last evening, a little over 1,800 had visited. Some for only a few minutes, some choose things to buy, some chatted with us for a while and other opened the door and decided that it was just too crowded for them. There were surprisingly  few people who simply looked at the crowd and ran, I confess that I might have run too if I had not been the host.

Thanks especially to Hugh, we survived the busiest Culture Crawl ever. Now to recover and get ready for Porto Bello West Market this coming week-end. That will be the last market for November and then I have some time until the Farmers Holiday Market on December the 17th. Well, as usual, back to work. If I get enough done I will reward myself by making some more buttons.


Liz said...

Wow! 1800 people! That's amazing. Hope you sold lots.


Polyanya said...

Oh poor you! But how amazing to be so popular. I find it interesting to see all the different ways we display our 'stuff'.


Joan Tayler said...

The Crawl is an amazing event. I think that lots of people were surprised just to fall through my door.