Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week 43 – Pillow Fight

Week 43 – Pillow Fight
I took me a little thought to think of a name for these button, then I had a BWF (blinding white flash) – well not exactly blinding.

I made this cane from two feather canes using the same Skinner.  - There a lots of ways to use a Skinner blend in a feather cane. - The two feathers were fitted together like yin and yang to make a round cane. I can’t wait to try this cane with other colour combinations. Sadly I will have to wait until the winter sales are over. Then again a girl has to play a little, so who knows.

November 02 - Day of the Dead zipper pulls


Norma's Clay said...

Beautiful Those zipper pulls are cool.

slkunze said...

I love the zipper pulls - particularly the Viking skull!

Roberta said...

Oh I love the zipper pulls! Fantastic!