Saturday, December 3, 2011

Week 45 - Sprigged Frogs

Week 45 - Sprigged Frogs
I just discovered I have been sprigging to years. I have made little molds of polymer clay, pressed clay into them, trimmed it off with a knife and applied it to another clay surface. I have been making beads with frogs as well and star fish as well as ladybugs. Faces with the back log of buttons to complete by the end of the year I found one of my old molds, ( I am not entirely satisfied and I will remake in it in the future but what the hell …) and made a few sprigged frogs.

For a look at some one who really knows her sprigging take a look at Mari Odell’s web site.

Sprig in is the way that blue and white Wedgwood is done. I learn some thing new every day. Here is a Art ways video that makes it all clear.

On the home front, I finally made a shawl pin that I am pleased with. More to follow.

Wave pattern shawl pin


Jane Perala said...

Beautiful as always Joan - and I LOVE those little froggy buttons!

Polyanya said...

Lovely again, I have no problem making the large round thing but issues making the pins - I gave up!

Joan Tayler said...

Hi Polyanya - I gave up on making the pins out of polymer clay. I use wood for the pin and just decorate the end with clay.

Polyanya said...

Thats a great idea Joan, helpful as always :))