Sunday, January 29, 2012

Early Morning Full Colour Blues

This year I will get more control of colour, this year I will get more control over colour, this year I will get more control over colour, …

Monday, January 23, 2012

Enter the Water Dragon

Today it is Chinese New Years. In my neighbourhood that is a big deal. Still some of the stores were open and I bought my vegetables at my favourite vegetable store that was ringing in the new year with a broken alarm. I can only home that they will not have to listen to that all day.
Georgia and Gore

 I love my neighbourhood. I walked home in a very good mood in spite of the rain – this is Vancouver, and it is the water dragon.

Had to post twice today for New Years!

Coming Clean

Week 50 - Eagle feathers.
This is the question of the month. 

How do you clean up your act? 

I mean, of course how do you clean up your hands and tools when your work with polymer clay. 

Some to the things that I have heard about for cleaning are:

- Alcohol, not sure what kind or how much ( maybe a glass of wine and then you don’t care any more.)
- Armoral on a cloth for tools, not hands.
- baby wipes for both hands and tools
- olive oil or other oil to dilute the clay on your hands before wiping them off.
- high oil content craft bar soap, seems to dissolve clay, especially good for dark colours.
- Dial soap, for  hands I assume ( haven't tried it but I hear it is good.)
- always wear gloves (can't seem to manage this one.)

I am curious about what others have found out. Some other answers are at this Yahoo answer site and some more at Tiny Hands (check out their cute miniatures).

What do you think?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just Can’t Unbutton

Buttons from hand made stamps
I have been trying to concentrate on making texture sheets and writing tutorials but one has to do research, a lot of research and noodling. I made some button stamp that turn out neat almost uniform buttons. Details in the near future.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Challenge Verses Structure

The Earring Challenge Helps Get the Boring Stuff Done

On one side there are: my business books for the whole year, applications forms for 2012 shows and a lot of general business organization, on the other hand there is: drawing, clay work and general fun work. Which to choose? Do an hour of “A” and be rewarded with and hour of “B”. That’s generally what I try to do but I am lacking structure. I miss the button project from last year. So when I saw a post on Polymer Clay Daily featuring Anke Humpert and the earring challenge, I thought – just the thing to give me a little weekly focus. So here is a start. This year it is a count down.

 Week 51 – My classic favourite is indigo and white. These little buds are topped with labradorite and little extra silver.
Week 51
Week 52

Week 52 – My classic favourite is indigo and white. Here I have made a little table shape and finished it with carnelian stones.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not Dead Yet - but still dyslexic

The corrected version

I have not disappeared completely. I am here busily working away on a number of different things. I have tendonitis  in my left thumb and wrist, have had for the last nine months but now I have decided to give it a rest so it will heal. Now my right hand has to take over for a while, lots of drawing  but I will give up on claying completely – just those not as much production work.

So one of the things that I have been doing is working on the computer. One of the little diversions that I have taken was to make a little tool to get the angles right on pentagon or hexagon kaleidoscope canes.

Here is the little polygon for anyone that might find it useful. I cut out this polygon so that I could check the angles of my triangular canes before I combined them into hexagon or pentagon canes. I wonder if anyone else finds this useful. I have corrected the angles since yesterday.

Later the same day - Sorry for anyone who has not been able to print this image out. I was able to print it by doing a control Y over the image and then opening the image in another program. If that fails email me and I will send a pdf file to you. I am not that great at computer stuff so I hope that will work.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Way To Much Fun!

I have been scanning some of my sketches to make into stamps. While doing this I wondered if I could use the computer to preview some of the ideas I have for kaleidoscope canes. This is the result.

If your don’t have a computer you could just cut and paste but the computer allows you to flip images. This allows you to make more than six different canes to be made from one triangular cane, just like you can do with a real polymer clay cane. Not all of the canes will be satisfying but some surprises occur. I had not thought of the idea of combining three pieces and than cutting them to make a bilaterally symmetrical cane before I did this exercise.

How I can’t wait to make one of the canes and to see how it compares to the computer preview.

I have been using Corelle Draw to do this but other programs might work better. (I am addicted to Corel – I even write letters in it some time.)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Year of Working Smarter

Every New Years I set goals. I am too indecisive to have resolutions. The perennials are; lose twenty pounds, get rid of clutter and learn to stand on my head. These are safe perennials because they are never achieved.

On the craft front - Every year I sell my wares at farmers markets, festival craft markets and winter holiday markets. Load that car, haul that tent, pack-up and do it again. Something has to change.

This year will be my year of working smarter. This will manifest itself with regular posts to Etsy – one a week minimum. I will finally get my texture sheets finished and available. I will  write a couple of tutorials even if they are just to help me focus. 

Barrettes from the past awaiting re-purposing.

Yesterday I tore apart a pile of display boards that I had made to jury for various shows. Many of the items I would never sell now but some were just fine. The good will go to Etsy eventually, the extra interesting will be kept for further development and some will be re-purposed.

I will post a link to my Etsy Shop soon. At the moment it only has one thing in it.