Monday, January 23, 2012

Coming Clean

Week 50 - Eagle feathers.
This is the question of the month. 

How do you clean up your act? 

I mean, of course how do you clean up your hands and tools when your work with polymer clay. 

Some to the things that I have heard about for cleaning are:

- Alcohol, not sure what kind or how much ( maybe a glass of wine and then you don’t care any more.)
- Armoral on a cloth for tools, not hands.
- baby wipes for both hands and tools
- olive oil or other oil to dilute the clay on your hands before wiping them off.
- high oil content craft bar soap, seems to dissolve clay, especially good for dark colours.
- Dial soap, for  hands I assume ( haven't tried it but I hear it is good.)
- always wear gloves (can't seem to manage this one.)

I am curious about what others have found out. Some other answers are at this Yahoo answer site and some more at Tiny Hands (check out their cute miniatures).

What do you think?


Anthea said...

I always use baby wipes as I find anything els dries my hands too much.

Joan Tayler said...

Thanks for the feed back Anthea. That's one for baby wipes.

Roberta said...

I have rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. I use it everywhere. Pasta machine, hands, table top, glass, tools etc. Easy.

Polyanya said...

Always baby wipes :)

Joan Tayler said...

We I guess baby wipes win. I am the minority with pieces of old t-shirt and Armoral, but I think I will give the alcohol a try. Who knows I might even try baby wipes. Thanks for the feed back.

Cheryl A. said...

I use BioGreen Clean. It is AMAZING!! Doesn't smell, is non-toxic, doesn't dry out your hands either. I use a 1 part BioGreen Clean to 10 parts water in a spray bottle, spray it on my hands and wipe off with paper towels. Best cleaner I've ever used. I use it all over the house too. You can only get it online though.

Joan Tayler said...

That sounds great. I will have to look into that one.

Kelsey said...

I use baby wipes for my hands and ceramic tile, and used dryer sheets for my pasta machine and blades.

joan tayler said...

Baby wipes seems to be a favourite but dryer sheets is a new one on me. Thanks for the input.