Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not Dead Yet - but still dyslexic

The corrected version

I have not disappeared completely. I am here busily working away on a number of different things. I have tendonitis  in my left thumb and wrist, have had for the last nine months but now I have decided to give it a rest so it will heal. Now my right hand has to take over for a while, lots of drawing  but I will give up on claying completely – just those not as much production work.

So one of the things that I have been doing is working on the computer. One of the little diversions that I have taken was to make a little tool to get the angles right on pentagon or hexagon kaleidoscope canes.

Here is the little polygon for anyone that might find it useful. I cut out this polygon so that I could check the angles of my triangular canes before I combined them into hexagon or pentagon canes. I wonder if anyone else finds this useful. I have corrected the angles since yesterday.

Later the same day - Sorry for anyone who has not been able to print this image out. I was able to print it by doing a control Y over the image and then opening the image in another program. If that fails email me and I will send a pdf file to you. I am not that great at computer stuff so I hope that will work.


fulgorine said...

That's a really good idea. I shall print one off directly!

Barb Alexander said...

Joan, this is brilliant. Thanks so much!

Cara Jane said...

good idea. I haven't made many kaelidoscope canes - yet! But i keep admiring them so I ought to do more. Thanks for sharing