Thursday, January 5, 2012

Way To Much Fun!

I have been scanning some of my sketches to make into stamps. While doing this I wondered if I could use the computer to preview some of the ideas I have for kaleidoscope canes. This is the result.

If your don’t have a computer you could just cut and paste but the computer allows you to flip images. This allows you to make more than six different canes to be made from one triangular cane, just like you can do with a real polymer clay cane. Not all of the canes will be satisfying but some surprises occur. I had not thought of the idea of combining three pieces and than cutting them to make a bilaterally symmetrical cane before I did this exercise.

How I can’t wait to make one of the canes and to see how it compares to the computer preview.

I have been using Corelle Draw to do this but other programs might work better. (I am addicted to Corel – I even write letters in it some time.)

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