Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Year of Working Smarter

Every New Years I set goals. I am too indecisive to have resolutions. The perennials are; lose twenty pounds, get rid of clutter and learn to stand on my head. These are safe perennials because they are never achieved.

On the craft front - Every year I sell my wares at farmers markets, festival craft markets and winter holiday markets. Load that car, haul that tent, pack-up and do it again. Something has to change.

This year will be my year of working smarter. This will manifest itself with regular posts to Etsy – one a week minimum. I will finally get my texture sheets finished and available. I will  write a couple of tutorials even if they are just to help me focus. 

Barrettes from the past awaiting re-purposing.

Yesterday I tore apart a pile of display boards that I had made to jury for various shows. Many of the items I would never sell now but some were just fine. The good will go to Etsy eventually, the extra interesting will be kept for further development and some will be re-purposed.

I will post a link to my Etsy Shop soon. At the moment it only has one thing in it.


Polyanya said...

Hi Joan, wondering if anything has changed? I had a creative dip for a couple of months whilst studying for dog grooming qualification - now I've done it I want to work with clay again! Having visited your blog recently you seem just as busy, if not more so?

I've started caning again ready for the big winter craft fair and feeling very excited about the whole thing - hope all is well? :)

joan tayler said...

Everything is going along swimmingly except for my tendency to bit off more than I can chew. November is really going to be crazy because I have three of the biggest shows of the year on three consecutive weeks. I am trying to get in the habit of bogging every day so I am afraid there are days that my entries are a little inane.

Good to hear from you again