Friday, February 10, 2012

Bad Hand!

I have just received the diagnosis of osteoarthritis in my left hand. Are there any one handed cane makers out there that are willing to share secrets? 

I guess this makes this the -

Question of the month for February

Is there a tool or machine that will help someone with limited use of their left hand stretch canes?


Roberta said...

Oh No! Are you a lefty?

Joan Tayler said...

I am right handed. I draw with my right hand but I need my left hand to do anything three dimensional. I guess I will be doing more drawing.

Polyanya said...

Sorry to hear that Joan, I'm right handed and have a torn cartilage in my wrist which has been a complete pain to say the least, until I made up a strong solution of chamomile and lavender essential oil in a carrier oil (almond or any other). I had to apply several times a day until it started to work, now I put some on my wrist every night and fingers crossed I can use my hand relatively well. Chamomile and Lavender essential oils have anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.