Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Its All About the Crows

Week 49 - Crows
East Vancouver has adopted the crow as its neighbourhood bird.

There is a main daily flight path across the city that runs from the goodies around the harbour to a rookery in Burnaby. Twice a day the sky will fill with birds on their daily commute. For this reason the Eastside Culture Crawl and many businesses have adopted the crow as their bird.

I have been making crow earrings, necklaces and whistle for a while now. They sell at the Craft House on Granville Island and the Craft House Shop Vancouver International Airport.

Crows are great birds to watch, though I know they are hated by most bird watcher. Like humans, and starling they are just too successful. They are still fun to watch. A couple of years ago I saw a great battle between my neighbours cat and a resident crow. The crow won leaving Jeff, the cat, hanging by his little white paws.

Jeff verses crow


2 Good Claymates said...

I love the crows you create. They are so unique. In the summertime Dave and I are always relaxing on our deck and watch the batches of crows fly the same direction every evening around the same time. They are fun to watch and hear them "calling" to each other. They can be a menace but are also fascinating.

Fiona said...

I love these crows. I would love to own them. How can I buy them?

Joan Tayler said...

Hi there Fiona
I have just put a link to my Etsy site under the picture of the crow earrings. I haven't been advertised my Esty site because I was trying to get it right. Commitment issues I guess. Take a look.

Fiona said...

Hi Joan,
I just tried to buy them but it says you don't ship to the UK. What do you suggest? Fiona

Joan Tayler said...

Please contact me directly through my website or Etsy Conversations and I will give you a price for mailing to the UK. Then we can make it happen.


Hermine said...

I love your crows. Who won the bird or the cat ?