Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Little Bits of Colour

Week 48 -  Candy Swirl
 Here is an answer to what to so with all those little bits of clay that result from a big clay sample session. I have used translucent clay between the little bits of colour to make a cane that reminds me of candy. Not my usual thing but it doesn’t hurt to do something goofy once in a while. Usually I just group the greens, yellows and blues and make and all purpose green. The other colours make an all purpose red, brown, or what ever.

Colours an process
What I am trying to do in clay is recreate the kind of colour charts that appeared in my old Graphics Master text from years ago. This book is still available on Amazon but I am not sure that the later versions have percentages of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black that make all process printing colours. My version is 2 and it looks like the publishers are up to number 8 now. Anyway Graphic Master colour charts are fun to look at if you are a colour enthusiast like me. They are well worth picking up at a yard sale or old book shop if you can find them.
Graphics Master one of many colour charts

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Roberta said...

Oh yes, I love my CMYK color books too.

What a great idea to recreate them that way! A lot of work!