Wednesday, March 28, 2012

100 Blows or Teaching Your Grandmother to Blow Eggs

As an Easter public service I will give a few hints on blowing eggs to cover with polymer clay. I have covered hundreds of eggs and this is the method that I have settled on.

1. The tools:
A) A accordion bottle ( available at Lee Valley tools)
B) B) A drawing pin
C) C) A Dremel bit – sorry I don’t know what it is called
D) A paper clips partially straightened

2. Start a tiny hole at each end of the egg. (You can do with one hole but it is more trouble than it is worth.)

3. Used the Dremel grinding tool to enlarge the hole. You can use only the pin but the grinding tool leaves a nice smooth hole that is less inclined to start a crack that breaks the egg. I make a small hole in the small end of the egg and a large one at the large end.( Dremel bits a readily available in any larger tool store.)

4. Use the paper clip to stir the egg inside the shell. This makes the egg much easier to blow out the egg without much effort.

5. Here you have a choice. You can simply blow out the egg by putting your mouth on the egg or you can use the accordion bottle to blow air into the egg. This takes a little longer and you have to keep remembering not to suck the egg into the accordion bottle. To much trouble for me.

5. and 6. Use the accordion bottle to fill the eggs half full of soapy water. Shake the egg shell virogously to clean the inside. Blow the soap water out of the egg and repeat a couple of times.

Let the egg dry a little then cover with a thin layer of polymer clay. If your are doing something complicated it pays to cover the eggs first to strength it. More about that soon – keep tuned…


sunni said...

i love your egg blowing tute! the accordion bottle is sheer genius. Here's my tute for egg blowing if you're interested.

joan tayler said...

Hi Sunni
Thank you for the link to your egg blowing tut. It always good to see how others do things.

I think I met you at 2006 Ravensdale. Where you there?

Seagrass said...

Thank you Joan for your genius solution to blowing out eggs, other than buying a $20-30 egg blowing tool. I was wondering if there was a less expensive way - and this is definitely it! I was given 2 dozen eggs, and recently just painted a bunch with my group of residents where I work for Easter. They loved it! Can't wait to try it. I also have my wonderful Dremel tool with a diamond bit I rec'd from a friend in the jewelers business. Anything that helps to make life simple is a welcomed friend!

joan tayler said...

Thank Seagrass. It is always and ego boost to have someone get some use out of one of my posts.