Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blue Onion

Not actually Blue Onion the canes
The first china pattern to impress me was Blue Onion. I was eight years old listening to a couple of women discussing the Blue Willow china pattern. They were trying to figure out if a particular plate was the real thing or not. I looked at the plate and the figures on the bridge – I am not impressed. When I commented that I liked this other plate better I was told,  “that’s not Blue Willow dear, that’s Blue Onion.”

Today while I was making a series of blue canes, I remembered the Blue Willow so I went and got a plate out to have a look at. Today’s canes are not
Blue Onion the pla
Canes and the fun of blowing them up
Blue Onion but it would be fun to make a series. I am may not have time now but I will be looking at china patterns in the future for inspiration.

Question  of the month.

What do you do when you are claying? I listen to spoken work books but others prefer music, radio talk, chatting with friends, eating chocolate, what is it.



Roberta said...

Total silence. I can't listen to anything.

North Vancouver, BC, Canada said...

That is what my husband says is best. Maybe that is why I make mistakes - but I am impatient if there isn't some thing tying me to the chair.