Thursday, April 19, 2012

Less is More

My favourite barrette is the bottom one - less details
When will I ever learn this lesson? I always want to put more in, more canes, more designs, more colours – well more colours I am okay with. I like monochrome and analogous colours, but otherwise I have trouble knowing where to quit. I guess that part of art is knowing when to quit. I think that I like things were I have only used a couple of canes. Of course there are always exceptions.

Mini Spoken Book Review
the Maisie Dobbs series  (first in the series is Maisie Dobbs) by Jacqueline Winspear
For those who like to listen to books I this series. I have listened to two novels in this series and have found both on them interesting and insightful. Maisie Dobbs is an ex-nurse who served in the first world war. She returns to England to become detective with compassion and a keen sense of social justice.

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